Capodimonte Lamps Night Light

A Capodimonte lamp typically refers to a style of decorative lamp that originated from the Capodimonte porcelain factory in Naples, Italy. The factory was founded in the 18th century by King Charles VII of Naples and produced exquisite porcelain pieces including lamps, vases, figurines, and other ornamental items.
Capodimonte lamps are known for their intricate designs, often featuring delicate floral motifs, cherubs, or scenes inspired by classical art. The lamps are usually adorned with hand-painted details and may be embellished with gold or other decorative elements.
Over the years, the term "Capodimonte lamp" has come to represent not only lamps produced by the original Capodimonte factory but also lamps made in a similar style by other manufacturers or artisans. These lamps are prized for their beauty and craftsmanship and are often sought after by collectors of fine porcelain and decorative arts.
  • Mushroom Shaped Table Lamp

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