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Astronaut Space Travel Projection Lamp

Astronaut Space Travel Projection Lamp

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Astronaut space travel projection lamp, with four lighting modes, you can also start the mixed mode, pure music without impurities, quietly enjoy, travel in space


  - Material: ABS

  - Power supply: USB plug-in use

  - Voltage: ≤5V

  - Projection distance:3-5m

  - Package include: USB cable*1+Projection *1

  • Four lighting modes: with four color projection effects, and four lighting color mixing modes can also be turned on to enjoy the gradient color projection effect
  • Built-in 12 pure music, pure sound quality, quietly enjoy roaming space
  • The Perfect Gifts: Night light projector is perfect for decorating parties, holidays, weddings, rooms, and other occasions. It is an excellent gift for your sweethearts, babies, families, and friends.
  • Bright Star Projector: Your child will be mesmerized by the rotation stars and moon. Luminous and colorful LED lights create a calm ambiance in your child's room, giving them a good sleep.
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