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Eco-friendly DIY Origami Decorative Night Light

Eco-friendly DIY Origami Decorative Night Light

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Create your own unique night light with our Eco-friendly DIY Origami Decorative Night Light! This clever DIY project features a beautiful design of the mythological figures, Luoshen and Shenlu. Let your creativity shine while promoting values of courage, honesty, and beauty. Embrace nature and elegance with this paper-cutting lamp.


Inspired by the Flying Apsaras of Dunhuang, the designer presented a joyful scene of everlasting joy through the depiction of auspicious clouds, buildings, musical instruments, flying fairies and other elements. Using laser engraving and printing processes, we designed this three-dimensional hollow paper art lamp that can be manually assembled and inserted. You can enjoy the fun of hands-on work while experiencing the beauty of Dunhuang Feitian and improving your artistic taste.
Picture source: Mogao Grottoes, Cave 257 of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the Deer King Jataka. In his previous life, Sakyamuni Buddha was a beautiful nine-color deer king. After rescuing a drowning man, his whereabouts were betrayed and he was hunted down. The Deer King was not afraid in the face of danger and told the king the truth, and those who fell into the water were severely punished. The Deer King moved the king with its bravery and fearlessness, and ordered that no one in the country should hurt it. Deer symbolizes luck, and the Nine-Colored Deer King is the embodiment of kindness, integrity, bravery, and beauty.
The kind and brave nine-color deer is always around. Its delicate and smooth lines, lifelike shapes and lifelike movements bring a different kind of interesting experience to your life and highlight your elegant taste.




Category: Paper carving lamp
Material: Special paper, Art paper, LED light





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